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Ask around and many residents of Okmulgee will be happy to tell some pretty fascinating stories about historic buildings. Oklahoma and its rich architectural heritage have endured for some time, but unfortunately, photographs and literature of that time promoted an image of Oklahoma that remains a bit of a relic of its past and not part of the future of our state. The young state, which is still struggling with this image, has had a short and turbulent history of development, from boom to bust, boom to bust. As a state in his youth, Oklahoma was unsure of where to go and too ashamed to value his heritage.

I will be able to guide you to learn more about Okmulgee's history and its historic buildings, as well as its history as a city and a state.

While visiting the museum, you can visit the gift shop, which houses a variety of artworks, books and other items from the Okmulgee Museum collection. The private collection includes Quanah Parker's hoods and costumes (which have been rejected several times by the Smithsonian Institute in Washington).

Becky Steph, the grandson of Walter Beckett, grew up in Okmulgee and is now an insurance agent in Oklahoma City. There is also an excellent book, "History of Black Public Education inOklahoma," which also contains this information. I quote from an article in the Oklahoma State Journal of Education published in 2010 by the University of Oklahoma School of Public Health and Education (UOPE).

He has an art studio in his house and is a member of the Okmulgee Art Society and the Oklahoma State Museum of Art. His spontaneous portraits of realism have been exhibited and sold in galleries in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and other cities across the country. Tim's work has also been shown at the Tulsa Art Museum, the University of Oklahoma School of Public Health and Education, and several other local galleries.

Harjo plans to continue traveling and showcasing his artwork in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Oklahoma and other cities across the country. In the spring, the Oklahoma Historical Society will host its annual Okmulgee Art and History Tour in Oktibbeha, Okla., and in the summer, it will offer a tour of Ok MULgee as part of the sixth annual National Cities Meeting sponsored by the National Main Street Center in Tulsa.

The nonprofit festival is a project of the National Indian Monument Institute and is the largest tribal fine art exhibition in the Tulsa area. The event features the work of more than 100 artists from state-recognized tribes, including the Okmulgee Tribe of Oklahoma, the Cherokee Nation and other tribes. Located in the Stillwater Indian Reservation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, about 30 miles north of Tulsa, it houses the Oklahoma Indian Museum, a public, coeducational institute for land scholarships that consistently provides students and the public with the largest collection of tribal art in the country.

The Okmulgee Tribe of Oklahoma, the Cherokee Nation and other tribes are in the oil fields in eastern Oklahoma and in the Oklahoma Indian Museum in the collection tribal art.

It seemed an unlikely partnership: the young state could not yet appropriate a strong legacy and history. Indian trading post, the city transformed from an Indian trading post to a modern commodity center. The Frisco Railroad, which later became the St. Louis and Oklahoma Southern Railway, reached Okmulgee in the 19th century and triggered a construction boom when it connected it to other markets. Its wealth flowed and architecture flourished, but the younger state, with its relatively small population and limited resources, seemed unlikely to be a partner.

We have set up the museum, where we will put together a valuable collection of Indian relics. The former Okmulgee Elks Lodge, a historic building in the city centre, is the site of an old Sanborn map from the early days, which was fireproof and housed in a museum. The building currently houses the Oklahoma State Museum and the State Historical Society of Oklahoma. I bet the original location of the Moose Lodge of Ok Muleegee would appear on the map, as would a few other historic buildings in Oklahoma City, but we rely on an older map of San Francisco from those early years.

On the northwest corner of the square, the Morton Building is transformed from an empty commercial space into the beauty of a college apartment building above.

For students who are looking for a degree in film, video or photography, Oklahoma State University's Institute of Technology is a good choice. Students interested in a degree can visit the Norman Campus at the University of Oklahoma. Students who enjoy a slower and faster life will appreciate the small-town feel of Norman's campus as much as its proximity to Oklahoma City. It will be hard to beat the University of Tulsa if you are looking to study film / video / photography, but for students who aspire to it, it is the best choice in Oklahoma.

More About Okmulgee

More About Okmulgee